The main activity of our company is the production and installation of plastic greenhouses for growing vegetables, flowers, seedlings and all other crops that are produced today in plastic greenhouse production.

Our production facility is located at Ivanovec, Vladimir Nazora 31 near the Čakovec exit from the Zagreb-Goričan highway. In our production facility we manufacture profesional greenhouse constructions. In cooperation with foreign partners, we are able to deliver and install greenhouses, both new and used.

In addition to the mentioned production of greenhouse structures, we also manufacture warehouse structures and aluminum roll tables in our production facility.

With all of the above, we are also working on the reconstruction of existing greenhouses and greenhouses.

We provide a warranty on all delivered items and equipment and provide service and necessary maintenance.

Why is it worth working with us?


Technical competence

Innovation in design

Professional and experienced staff

We have 15+ years of experience

Our references

Check our list of references. In cooperation with our designers we can offer you a complete service of design and construction of facilities according to your requirements.