Roller tables

In addition to greenhouse production, we also have aluminum roll tables that are also our product. Tables can be of different widths depending on your needs and most of all we supply tables with widths of 1.80 and 2.0 m and lengths of 4 and 6 m. Tables can be rolled and fixed depending on the purpose and can be submerged with built-in tubs for filling water or with built-in galvanized nets with dimensions of 30 x 30 mm.

The tubs are from the Danish manufacturer Stal & Plast, high quality with a 10 year warranty. The table base is made of galvanized pipes and has the ability to adjust height. The top frame of the table is made of aluminum profiles 105 mm high and we use aluminum square tubes 30 x 30 mm to fill the frame. In addition to the tables supplied, we can also offer the installation of water inlets and drains from the tables, either manually or automatically.

Heating with thermogens

In cooperation with Munters, we can offer hot air heating with thermogens of 102 to 157 kW.

Fuel oil or natural gas may be used as fuel.

The appliances come with a built-in oil filter, burner, digital thermostat and stainless steel chimney kit.

Appliances can be installed on the greenhouse structure or specially built stands as needed.

Shading systems

We are able to incorporate a shading system in new or existing facilities (greenhouses, greenhouses) to protect plants from direct sunlight and to save energy when heating the facilities. The system can be vertical or horizontal, depending on your needs. The canvas of the shading system adapts to your needs, that is, to the needs of growing plants.

Object Automation

In order to make the production process easier and easier to follow all the necessary conditions for growing plants in greenhouses, we offer smaller and more complex automation systems. The systems monitor some of the basic parameters such as outdoor and indoor temperature, outdoor precipitation, indoor moisture, wind direction and speed, and the amount of sunlight.

Based on the read parameters, the system controls the side and roof vents, controls the heating and irrigation, opens and closes the curtains in the building. The automation system can be operated manually or automatically. There is also the ability to control the system remotely through applications installed on your smarthphone or computer connected to the Internet.

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